Pocket Thoughts

Pocket Thoughts has chosen an editor.  Look at our blog for more info!

Pocket Thoughts is looking for work that reflects your ideas. All work will be reviewed and acknowledge in one way or another. We currently accept:

Poetry: Send up to five poems. Maximum of 40 lines per poem

Prose: Send up to 3 Flash Fiction (less than 1200 words) or 1 Short Story (2000 words or more)

The In-Between: 3 pieces that are less than 1200 words or 1 piece that is 2000 words or more.

Send* to: pocketthoughtsmagazine @ gmail.com (remove spaces) with appropriate Category in Subject line.

The entire issue is free for all readers.  Eventually, we will ask everyone to donate a small amount to be used specifically for marketing costs.


By sending your work to Mattiello's Creations, you are both accepting and allowing Mattiello's Creations to publish your work with the expectation of Mattiello's Creations to publish your work with an agreed upon monetary gain to Mattiello's Creations. If your work is accepted, then you will recieve an email that will ask you to agree to these terms.

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