Joseph Sturm

Founder of MC, Joseph L.M. Sturm "Joe" acquired his B.A. in English from Penn State in 2012 and is pursuing a M.A. in the near future. He has published various works through Apeiron Review, SF&D, Hedge Apple, and more. He is also the author of Counting Clouds and intermittantly teaches both martial arts and English when necessary.

About Us

Mattiello's Creations provides literary, writing, and editing opportunities to companies and individuals that need one or more of the following:

  • Representation
  • Publication
  • Editing
  • Creative projects
  • Consultation
  • Illustration opportunities

*Services are negotiable, but contracts cannot be broken.

While primarily dealing with words, Mattiello's Creations also represents other aspects of the arts by offering the services of Frozen Eskimo Media ( - the sister company of MC - which specializes in "Video and Music Production, Recording & Mixing, and Web Design."